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Be A Leader

High Academic Performance Does Not Guarantee Success In Life. We Should Inculcate Leadership Qualities Within Student Which Is The Need Of The Hour.

Moral Value Education

Moral Value Education Means-Inculcation Of Refined Ideals, Values, Principles With A View To Bring A Purposeful Behavioral Change Among The Students.


An Area Of Study That Deals With Ideas About What Is Good And Bad Behavior. A Branch Of Philosophy Dealing With What Is Morally Right Or Wrong.


Eco Club

Literally Clubs

Mental Math Clubs

Aesthetics Value

Motivational Teaching

We At EPS Motivate Our Students To Create Interest In Studies. In This Direction Regular Remedial Classes Are Held For Weak Students.

Peer Counseling

Students Are More Open To Their Friends Than Anyone Else. Peer Counseling Can Help Parents And Teachers To Solve Behavioral Problems More Effectively And In An Amiable Way.


Everest Publ School is an innovative educational institution toimpart quality education in a stress free atmosphere. The school provides apleasant and creative environment to make teaching and learning effectiveand enjoyable. It is devoted for the enlightenment of young minds through right education that touches the soul of every learner. The state of the artinfrastructure facility braced up with a rich library and well equippedComputer lab, Audio Video room, Music room, Educational toysroom, Special arrangement for indoor games, promotes theintellectual pursuit of students from play-way to secondary level. The Endeavour to bring outthe best in every child does not stop in classrooms. Extra curricularactivities in arts, sports music and literature are a part of the school’sschedule. Our school has the prideof having a team of excellent teachers who have proven their capability anddedication. They are trained professionals who have the devotion of a motherand skills of a child development expert. Our school is dedicated tothe educational and social up-liftment of the society. We provides the rightenvironment for your young ones to blossom into proud and learned citizens.



We help eachchild to start his/her journey to perfection. Our aim is to imbibe value basededucation, spiritual and cultural essence in the students. Our school isfocussed to develop the holistice personality of the children and inculcate inthem spiritual and moral values of ours culture heritage.
Our teachers asfacilitators, capacity builders play a vital role in it. we teach in anenvironment where their creative best is encouraged and fully developed. Ourschool has taken big strides and has created a name for itself in a very shortspan of time.
We take this opportunityto dedicate ourselves to the task of lying a strong foundation for the India oftomorrow.

Priti Sharma


Students are the future wealth of a nation. We aim at enhancingthe imaginative power, creative thoughts, feelings, emotions and genuineexpression of the students. We not only nurture the child academically but alsodevelop their personality, attitude, behaviour, culture and etiquetts.
Our innovative teaching methods make students more confident toface challenges in today's competitive environment. Our alumni are well placedin the society. Many of them are doctors, engineers and in other prestigiousjobs. We prepare our students to be the best and happiest citizens of theworld.

Vandana Sharma
Vice Principal


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